The  facility houses  three  major  system  including,  virtual  teaming  system, walking  VR  systems,  and Projection  VR  system. 

Virtual Teaming System

The  virtual  teaming system  is  equipped with latest  interactive  panel, video  conferencing and webcasting equipment  and  software. 

Interactive Panel


Walking VR Systems

There  are  multiple walking  VR  systems available  at  the  center  to provide  virtual immersive environment  to the  user  specifically  for  VR  designing, and  VR  based individual training,  as  per  customized  needs  of  the trainee.

Walking VR

Projection VR Systems

The  projection  VR  system  is  based  on  a  Corner  Cave-in concept  that  has the  capability (both  from software and  hardware perspective) to provide  a virtual-cum-immersive  experience  to a group  of people.


Projection VR


Design and Modeling Software

The  center  is  equipped  with  VR  designing  and development  software,  Building  Information Modeling platforms, 3D  to  VR  transformation platforms,  and  VR  experience  software platforms etc.  The  center was  designed for customized needs and  has  the  capacity  to  be integrated  and expanded towards Augmented Reality  in near future.

Design Software