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NED Virtual Reality Center's stall at SUPARCO World Space Week University Project Competition and Demonstration October 06, 2019 at PAF Museum Karachi.

The students Wasay, Miqdad and Dua demonstrated project "Virtual Reality Visualization of Ocean Tides and Bulging of Earth Phenomenon" as well as explained the visitors regarding other projects at NED VR Center in this area of science. Heartwarming to see real enthusiasm and encouragement from everyone who visited the stall. More than 300 people visited the stall and got information.


VR Center INAGURATION, (March 21, 2019)

The official inaguration of NED VR Center was held on March 21, 2019. NED Virtual Reality Center was officially inaugurated by Ms. Nilofer Hameed, Company Secretary, HBL along with Vice Chancellor, NED University, Dr. Sarosh H. Lodi. A number of industry representatives were also present at the occasion. Major newspapers and media from across Pakistan covered the event. 



TECHFEST'19, (January 17, 2019)

Session  on "Virtual Reality" conducted by Dr. Farrukh Arif  at TechFest'19  Organized by Society for Promotion of Science, Engineering & Technology (SENTEC), at NED University of Engineering, January 16, 2019. 




Express Newspaper Covers NED Virtual Reality (March 30, 2018)

Express News


Express Tribune Covers NED Virtual Reality (March 29, 2018)

Express Tribune covers NED Virtual Reality Center in its March 29, 2018 edition  with a report titled "In a first, NED varsity builds state-of-the-art virtual reality lab." 

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Business Plus TV Interview Dr. Farrukh Arif on Virtual Reality (March 05, 2018)

Business Plus TV Channel invited Dr. Farrukh Arif for a live interview in their program "Live Wire-IT Sector" on March 05, 2018. The topic of the discussion was Virtual Reality. The one-on-one live discussion in the program was related to application of virtual reality in the field of engineering research, education and its potential benefits for the corporate sector. Moreover, the highlights regarding the newly established Virtual Reality Center at NED University, its objectives, and capabilities was also discussed in the program. 

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