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Projection VR System

NED VR Center is equipped with Projection VR System that
provides "Virtual-Interactive-Immersive-Physics" Enabled
Environment for Group Immersivenes.

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Walking VR System

NED VR Center is equipped with multiple Walking VR Systems
that generates virtual environment for Individual

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Experience VR!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Program designed for school students using comprehensive VR

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CPEC - CRG Project

HEC has awarded research funding under CPEC-CRG Project

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Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that presents its users a true to life illusion bringing him/her a sensation of being inside an artificial world. Replicating the real (actual) or imagined (planned) environment to an interactive immersive multimedia or simulated reality. It allows user to interact with the created environment and make changes to it for analyzing different aspects. The VR systems are exceptionally helpful in establishing a realistic learning and development environment for both academic institutions and professional practices. It has open-ended utilization in research and development based on the concept of innovation. 

The  NED  University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi  has  established  a  state-of-the  art facility  for  integrating virtual  reality  in  the  education, research  and practice.  The  facility  that  is  housed  at  the  Department of  Civil Engineering  is  named  as  “NED University  Virtual  Reality  Center”  is the  first  of  its  kind  in  the  entire region  (sub-continent).  The  facility houses three  major  system  including,  virtual  teaming  system, walking  VR systems,  and Projection  VR  system. The major objectives of VR Center is to gear up the performance delivery by being a capacity builder, solution provider and knowledge innovation hub.


NED VR Center Video Tour


Project Showcase



VRC Services

VR Center General Services Brochure                                  VR Center Facilities

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VR Flyer                                      


Building energy Efficiency Simulators (BEES)     Construction Industry Services

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VRC Programs

Experience Virtual Reality STEM Program               Vimagineering Apprenticeship Program

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Experience VR STEM